Saturday, January 14, 2012

When to create your corporate Amatuer production or hire Prorfessional

The latest series in Tim Kay Films education blog posting is live and up on their video production san francisco website.  In the first of two post the first section opens up the conversation and ask questions like:

Here is a little teaser:

"Not many years ago cameras cost tens of thousands of dollars and they needed a small convoy of support trucks to make the image professional. "Why do I need to hire a professional video production company" is a question being asked by corporate management dealing with shrinking marketing budgets. Since we all have access to the basic tools of video production this myth has developed: Now, a basic camera can replicate some pro's features, and it's important to know when it's kosher to use this for your business .  "

Who is your Audience?

What corporate image do you want to project ?

What's unique about this blog is that Argus HD a professional live webcasting san francisco, actually encourages, in some situations, to create your own content.

The belief is that if we supply the potential client with the best and most honest information and make them informed, even if it means self-producing, then when larger projects come online, we can partner up !

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