Friday, February 13, 2015

Tim Kay has joined forces with Argus HD - an amazing Live Event Production house in the Bay Area

A lot has changed in the couple of years since posting here. HD became a staple in video. 3D showed up, planned on staying and seemingly disappeared when we were told this was most-definitely the next revolution in TV. Now the trend that's growing stronger is 4k, a image that is twice the resolution of HD, and that's a good good thing !

What else has changed is my focus. Having worked on some of the biggest shows in the live event space and having worked with some amazing producers, I am happy to report that i've joined forces with Argus HD, a live webcasting in San Francisco that has been doing some amazing work with Google, Discover Channel, Animal Planet, and many more.

I fully recommend them for your next live event, high quality interviews, and video production needs.

We can be found at and we look forward to hearing from you !