Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Lens & Testing 'Day for Night'

Ah, so the elusive and reputable Tokina lens has finally arrived! Seriously, this bad boy of glass is outta stock in almost every store that doesn't want to gouge their customers! Funny buts it's bigger and beefer then I expected. With the clutch to engage/disengage focus this will be a different beast then the kit lens. Below is a picture at 17mm on the glass (~27mm due to crop factor).

This also leads nicely to my next update. I shot a bunch of test footage today as I want to explore the best option to transfer footage from Day to Night. I shot about 4gb of footage all in a dizzying array of factors including shutter speed, aperture, shooting sky (supposedly a big no no) I'll post back with the results of my test. Will play with the footage in Apple Color.

In case you're wondering why I'm going through all this, it's to gear up for my next short film!